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MudShark 7 Available [7.0.11]


MudShark 7.0.11

19th April 2019

We've introduced a new feature-rich version of MudShark. 

New features include:

  • Measurement Tools
    Now you can measure areas, lengths and counts.
  • Advanced Options for Structures
    Ne options lets you calculate banking and batter
  • Takeoff Enhancements
    Improved how Transmute works, new Merge Area tool and data caching.
  • Heat Maps
    Generate heat maps when calculating your site
  • New Calculation Options
    Better options for calculating a job

You can find more information in the MudShark Release Notes.


WARNING: If you update to the latest version without a valid licence key, you may access to MudShark.

Only customers with an active Software Assurance agreement are entitled to upgrade. If you are unsure of which version you need contact us before upgrading.   

You can download MudShark 7 from here.