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MudShark 7 Update [7.0.19]


MudShark 7.0.19

4th June 2019

We've done some work to improve MudShark 7, including some fixes and feature enhancements.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved how calculations are completed when invalid boundaries are in use.
  • Improved how you can takeoff lengths; so curves are easier to trace from a plan and how you can use a transmuted line.
  • Fixed an issue where Calculate was not available after overlayed measurements are calculated.
  • Fixed an issue where using Transmute to find an area was sometimes displaying an error message.
  • Fixed a rare issue where some arcs were stopping a PDF from being read.
  • Fixed an issue which will cause the Overlay options for the first structure in the Structure List to be reset when the project is reopened.
  • Fixed a rare issue where sometimes length results with Overlay selected might not calculate altitudes correctly.

You can find more information about MudShark 7 in the MudShark Release Notes.


WARNING: If you update to the latest version without a valid licence key, you may access to MudShark.

Only customers with an active Software Assurance agreement are entitled to upgrade. If you are unsure of which version you need contact us before upgrading.   

You can download MudShark 7 from here.