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Moving MudShark Data Between Servers


Copying Your MudShark Data

You will need to locate, then copy the MudShark data from your old server to your new server.

To copy your MudShark data:

1. Copy the contents of the MudShark  current data folder, (including all its files and directories). 

2. Create a shared directory (usually called MudShark but can be what ever you prefer) on the new server and paste the copied files here, ensuring all MudShark users have full access to this directory.

 TIP: If you can't find your MudShark data, you can go to Locating the Your MudShark Data Directory for help. 


Setting up Your Server

1. Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, making sure the Administrator on the new server has full access rights to the database called BrightBox.

2. Take a full backup of the database called BrightBox. 

3. Ensure SQL Server is installed on your new Server, and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

4. Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and restore the database to the backup you just created.

TIP: You can go to Installing MudShark for a Network for more help on installing a server.


Changing the Database for Existing Users

To change the database through the program:

1. Launch MudShark

2. Click Project in the top left of the program. 

2. Click Options...

3. Select Data to select the Data tab.

4. Change the location for the Data folder: to the shared directory you created.

5. If you have a floating licence, check the box marked Deactivate on exiting.

6. Click OK

 TIP: You can download the MudShark Installation and Activation Guide for more help on installing a server.

NOTE: When running a new installation, click Skip in the Install SQL Server and from the Database Server section pick the server you configured earlier.