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The Ribbon


Understanding the Ribbon


Most of your work is done from the ribbon, including aligning and moving plans, selecting your site and takeoff tools and exporting your data.

The ribbon is divided up into four distinctive tabs:

Home Tab


The Home tab will be shown when you first open MudShark, it is where your takeoff tools live and the tab you will likely use most. Notable features of the Home tab include changing between Takeoff and 3D modes, choosing between Existing or Proposed for your Site, your Drawing tools and the Calculate button.




Plans Tab


The Plans tab is where you can insert plans for a project; and rotate, move, and scale your plans.





View Tab


You can control what’s being displayed from the View tab, including labels in the Viewport and the different panes.





Data Tab


When you have completed your takeoff, you can use the Data tab to export your results into a Microsoft Excel file or for estimating software. From the Data tab you can also access your Global Materials, Project Materials and Trench Definitions.