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Understanding Panes


MudShark is comprised of multiple panes which display your plans, takeoff, results and other details and data.

Although you can move and adjust the panes to suit your workflow, they are primarily divided up into two groups:

  • The embedded panes – Project Details, Boring Log, Viewport, Cross-Sections, Results

  • The list panes – Plans, Takeoff, 3d Site List, Section List, Properties


Embedded Panes


Project Details

You can view and edit the details for a project, this information is further divided into groups for Project, Client and Ground Settings. Read Understanding Project Metadata for more information.


Boring Log

You can define the default materials that make up the ground on your site either as single list thicknesses or a complex array of multiple soil borings.



The Viewport is one of the most important parts of MudShark, it’s where you view your plans, takeoff, and results. All your takeoff is done from the Viewport. Read Viewport for more information.


View and inspect your site with any cross-sections you have entered for your project.



You can explore any calculated data for your project. This information is further divided into groups for Cut and Fill, Trench Measurements, Existing Site Measurements, and Final Site Measurements.



List Panes



You can manage your plans, and plan layers, for any file you’ve inserted into your project. You can rename plans and their layers, delete plans and control their visibility here. 



You can view and edit details for your takeoff from the Takeoff pane. You can delete takeoff, and select one or more items. The Takeoff pane works best with the Properties pane, where you can edit various takeoff details.


3D Site List

From the 3D Site List pane you can control the visibility of your 3D project in the viewport.


Section List

If you have input cross-sections they will be displayed in this list, you can select a cross-section to display it. The cross-section which will be displayed is for the currently active site stage, switch between site stages to display the different cross-sections.



If you have one item selected, the Properties pane, you will display information about the item. If you have multiple items selected, it will show you the total selected items. If you select takeoff, from the Viewport or the Takeoff pane, you will be able to edit some parts of that takeoff, including elevation, overlay options, line widths, colours and more.