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Understanding the Viewport

Although just a pane, the viewport is one of the most important parts of MudShark, it’s where you view your plans, takeoff, and results. All your takeoff is done from the viewport.

From the viewport, you can utilise the Viewport toolbar, the Viewcube and the Task panel.






Navigating the Viewport

The most efficient way to navigate around the Viewport is with your mouse.

TIP: To navigate the Viewport, you need to click into it to activate it. We recommend right-mouse button, or the mouse scroll button clicking to select the Viewport without initiating any takeoff.


Zoom Fit


Clicking Zoom Fit from the Viewport Toolbar will be reset your view so that all currently visible contents fit in the Viewport. This is often a great view of your site, and an easy way to reset the Viewport.


Zoom to Selected Items


Clicking Zoom to Selected Items in the Viewport Toolbar will fill the Viewport with the currently selected entities.


Zoom Window


Clicking Zoom Window will let you draw a rectangle that will zoom and fill your Viewport as best as it can.




The best way to zoom in and out in the Viewport is just by scrolling your mouse wheel up or down, to zoom in or out, respectively. Alternatively, you can click Zoom from the Viewport Toolbar and click your mouse and move the cursor up or down to accomplish the same affect.




You can move the contents of your Viewport left, right, up, and down with Pan. Click and hold the mouse wheel button in the Viewport, and move your cursor in the direction you want to pan. You can also use the arrows on your keyboard to pan.

TIP: Pan will move visible and non-visible contents, and won’t effect your takeoff or results.




You can change the perspective you’re viewing by holding Ctrl and clicking and moving your mouse wheel button, like you would when panning. You can also click Rotate from the Viewport Toolbar.


Top Down


To move the camera to get a bird’s eye view of your site from Takeoff or 3D, click Top Down in the Viewport Toolbar.

TIP: Use Top Down to reset your view if you move or rotate your Viewport out of position.




You can rotate around the Viewport with the Viewcube. You can click on a side or edge of the cube to change to that perspective, or click and hold down the mouse button, then the Viewcube will move in the direction you scroll, affecting your plan, takeoff or 3D in real-time.