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Understanding Materials




In MudShark, you can use a materials library to control how it looks and affects how the Material behaves when subjected to cut and fill operations.


Materials can also be divided into Global Materials which are accessible for all projects, and Project Materials which are accessible only for a specific project.


There are multiple editable fields for materials, including Description, Category, Colour, Unsuitable percentage and Note. Within a project you can set whether that material is used for Respread, Structure Fill, and Ground Fill. You can also set a Bulking and Compression factor.


Access Global Materials 


Materials created in the Global Materials list can be used in any project.


To access Global Materials:


1. From the Data tab in the ribbon, click Global Materials.

2. The Global Material window will open. 




Access Global Materials 


Once you use a material in a project, it will be added to the Project Materials list.


Project Materials are unique to a project, any property of that material that is changed will change everywhere in that project, but will not affect other projects or the Global Material list.


For Project Materials, you can set whether certain materials are used for Respread, Structure Fill, and Ground Fill.



TIP: Selecting a Material in the Project Materials window will highlight that Material in the Viewport, if its use is currently visible.


To access Project Materials:


1.  From the Data tab in the ribbon, click Project Materials.

2. The Project Materials window will open.