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Calculating Results


Calculate Your Results 


You can calculate results at anytime, however we recommend waiting until most of your takeoff is done or complete.




To calculate your Results:


1. From the Home tab in the ribbon, click Calculate.

2. The Calculate Check List window will appear.

TIP: Any defaults entered in the Ground Settings under Project Details will show here. You can change these settings, and your defaults for the project will remain unchanged.

3. You can set the depth you want to strip the site by in Strip by thickness or select layers to strip from the Strip layers menu.

4. Select a volume that will be used for Respread thickness.

5. You can check, or uncheck Calculate Open Ground Fill, if checked, any area without a structure on top will be calculated when you click Calculate.

6. You can check Only Use Proposed Contours For Structures, which will otherwise ignore contours except for structures. By default, this is unchecked.

7. You can check Calculate Heat Map, which will generate a Heat Map for your project. Checking this option will increase the time it takes for your calculation to complete.

8. Click Ok.

TIP: Your project may take a few minutes to calculate, calculation time depends on multiple factors, including scale and amount of takeoff.