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Results Grid



Understanding the Results Grid


All volume results are collated, filtered and grouped in the Results pane as a grid. From the Results embedded tab, you can drill down into details about your volumes.


The Results pane will show you total Cut (Bulked) volume for a single Strata Operation, a single Material or the Entire Site. It will also show you how much Exported (Bulked) volume needs to be taken off site and how much is Reused (Bulked) in the site.


You can see the total volume for the Fill (Compressed) and a breakdown of how much of that was reused From Site (Compressed) versus what will need to be Imported (Banked) from off site.


These volumes are then summarised as Site Balance (Bulked), which displays which items have a net effect of requiring materials to be removed from the site or brought in from elsewhere. A negative number indicates a net effect of material being removed from the site. You can then use the Site Balance (Bulked) values to adjust your earthwork plans to try and achieve the optimal material reuse.






Results FIlters

There are filters you can apply to your results.


There are two groupings:


  • The Strata Operations group includes results organised by the Strata Operation that affects them so you can easily see volumes as they relate to each operation, regardless of material.


For example: All Stripping is under a single group.


  • The Materials group includes results organised by the type of material used, so you can see how much of each material is being used, and where it is being used on the site.


For example: All Sand (dry) is under a single group.


For each grouping you are able to drill down into finer detail that shows where the result has come from. You can filter these groups so that you are only able to see volume results from Structures, Ground or All.

Selecting items in the Results pane will highlight them in the Viewport.