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Inspect 3D Site


Inspect Your 3D Site 


Calculating your project, will generate your site in 3D, which you can use to validate your results. Inspecting your 3D site in the Viewport is one of the best ways to validate your results, because you can zoom in close and any incorrect altitudes will be immediately noticeable by spikes.


TIP: You can export an image of the current Viewport or your site as a 3D vector file by clicking Viewport Snapshot and Visible Site respectively from the Data tab in the ribbon.


To inspect your site in 3D:


1. From the Home tab in the ribbon, click 3D.

2. Use the Viewcube to change the angle of your site, and scroll into your site with your mouse wheel, and pan around the site by clicking your scroll wheel button.

3. From the 3D Site List pane, you can change the visibility of different layers.

TIP: Click Existing or Proposed from the Home tab in the ribbon, to change your 3D site between these states.