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Export 3D Vector Data


Export 3D Vector Data 


You can export all visible entities in the Viewport as a 3D vector file, which can be used in other applications. You can control the visibilities from the 3D Site List pane.


Saving your project as a 3D vector file is useful if you utilise a BIM workflow or 3D printing.


To export the visible site:


1. From the Data tab in the ribbon, click Visible Site.

2.  Navigate your computer and select the location where you want to save the file.

3. Enter a name in the File name box, by default the project name will be used. 

4. From the Save as Type box select the file type you want to create, by default this is set to DWG. 


TIP: You can also save your site as a DXF file, OBJ file, 3D Print STL file, or a 3d Webgl HTML file. (Use 3D Print STL file for 3D printing.)

5. Click Save.