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Working Area


Understanding Working Areas


Before you begin your takeoff, you need to define the area where your results will be calculated for, this is your Working Area.  Your Working Area can include multiple areas and exclusions.




You only need a single Working Area for a project, although you can define multiple Working Areas for these sites.


Tip: Your Existing and Proposed sites will share the Working Area.


You can redefine your Working Area at any point, either editing boundaries, adding additional areas or creating a new exclusion.


Define your Working Area


Ensure your plans are scaled and aligned before you define your Working Area.


Define your working area:


1. From the Home tab in the ribbon, click Working Area

2. From the Drawing group click Polyline.

Tip: You can also use Transmute, Transmute Area, Offset, and Extrude to takeoff your Working Area.

3. Using your mouse, drawn the boundary of your Working Area, by clicking each corner. 

4. After you have clicked on each corner, you can join the current line to the starting point with a right-mouse click. 




With Working Area selected, if you takeoff another area within an existing working area, you will automatically create an exclusion. If you takeoff another area outside the existing one, you will create an additional working area.