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Editing Structure Boundary Points



Editing Structure Boundary Points


You can edit the altitudes for each point of a structure boundary, whether you've inputted the boundary wrong or just want to change it.


To edit the altitudes of a structure boundary:

Method 1:

1. From the list panes, click Takeoff.

2. Navigate to expand either the items from the Demolished Structures in Existing or Built Structures in Proposed.

3. Click the arrow to expand the structure you want to edit.

4. Click to select the Boundary you want to edit.

5. Click Point Altitudes from the Properties pane.

6. The altitudes for each point will be shown, you can enter a new altitude for any of these points.




Method 2:

Alternatively, you can simply select a structure's boundary (or edge) and select an individual point to change the altitude of from within the viewport.